6 Top tips to help prevent drone flyaways

The biggest feeling of dread for any Drone owner is thinking their drone is flying away never to be seen again. Hundreds and thousands of pounds of investement flying away right in front of you and nothing you can do about it…. but is there? Is there anything you can do to prevent drone flyaways? Lets look at what we can do to prevent flyaways.

DJI drones are built by design to automatically return to home (RTH) if they lose RC signal. However there are some pilots who claim to have experianced a “fly away” however the majority of these are generally pilot error. Therefore the first thing to do to help prevent flyaways is to be properly prepared.

Our 6 top tips:

  1. Be Prepared
    Ensure you have a clear Pre Flight Check List – ensure your batteries have been fully charged, all firmware is up to date. Our Pre Flight Check List App is a great way to perform a full pre flight checklist.
  2. Home Point Set prevent flyawaysSet a Home Point It is important to ensure that the correct Home Point has been sent. If you don’t who know where your drone might want to return to?! You will need at least 4 GPS signal bars to set your home point.
    Ensure the home point is set before you take off. Once a Home Point is set, you’ll see a prompt in the app, and a green Home Point icon will appear on your map. This is essential if you want to prevent flyaways.
  3. How to prevent flyawaysFly within Line of Sight.
    Common sense should prevail when flying a drone worth hundreds if not thousands of pounds… keep it where you can see it. If you cannot see it, you have no fail safe to bring it home. If you monitor your drone solely through the live video feed you will not be able to see what is behind or to either side of your drone. Accidents can happen, so be careful and keep your drone in line of sight.
  4. Prevent flyaways set your compassWatch for any Compass Interference.
    Whilst GPS is important, so is your compass. The compass helps your drone determine which way it is facing. If you have compass interference, whilst your drone may think it is heading home, if it’s orientation is wrong it could be flying off into the sunset never to be seen again. Always ensure you calibrate your compass. The DJI GO app will warn you if compass interference is too great. You can also see the amount of interference in your area in MC Settings – General – Compass.
  5.  If you are moving, reset your home point.
    Someone once said common sense is not common. So, whilst common sense will tell you that if you move, you need to reset your home. This is an easy way you could allow a drone flyaway to happen. So, reset your home point if you move. If you’re driving in a car or moving in a boat, you’ll need to reset your Home Point periodically. By doing this you will help prevent flyaways. This gif shows you one way to reset your Home Point:how to stop a
  6. Set your Return to Home at the Right Altitude.Whilst some DJI phantoms have obstacle avoidance, not all drones have this capability. Even if they have that capability, it is not foolproof to stop flyaways. Set your Return to Home Altitude high enough to ensure it does not go crashing into something on its jounrey home.

Summary – how to prevent flyaways.

In summary, make sure the cause of your flyaway is not user error. Always ensure you fully understand all of your drones We hope these tips help you to prevent any flyaways with your drone!

If you have any other hints and tips, please leave them in the comments below.

Finally sometimes accidents do happen, if you want to quickly get back up and running, there are some great deals on refurbished DJI products on their official website here.


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