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Mavic 2 – Now available

Mavic 2 see the bigger picture. Find out about the Mavic 2 and buy here DJI has just launched the new improved much awaited Mavic 2. The Mavic 2 offers iconic Hasselblad image quality on the Pro and a high-performance zoom lens on the Zoom. With new features like “Hyperlapse”, “Dolly Zoom” (Mavic 2 Zoom) and…

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Newbie Drone Tips and Tricks

(Syndicated from DJI) In more cities all over the world, drones are becoming all the rage. On any weekend in the park or big event, you’ll hear the familiar hum of propellers overhead. With such growing popularity, it seems like everybody wants their hands on a UAV. Unfortunately, the idea of controlling a quadcopter is…

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Mavic Air – now available to buy

Mavic Air has been launched today, be one of the first to own one today. So what’s so special about the Mavic Air launched by DJI today? We take a look at the new drone offering which sits somewhere between the Spark and the Mavic. The ultraportable Mavic Air features high-end flight performance and functionality…

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DJI Spark unboxing – the newest drone from DJI

DJI Spark unboxing – the newest drone from DJI DJI are contiuning to lead the way with their latest drone offering to the market. The DJI Spark is a small compact drone, simple to fly great from the everyday person who wants to share photos with family and friends and social media. The DJI Spark…

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DJI Requiring Registration of their Drones. Don’t get caught out.

DJI are requiring all DJI drone pilots to register their drones with them this week. If not there will be restriction on your drone. The latest update from DJI which comes along with the app update, means you need to register your drone with them – a simple task so don’t get caught out. The…

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What are the must have Accessories for the Phantom 3?

What are the must have Phantom Accessories for the Phantom 3? Do you own a Phantom 3? What are the must have Phantom Accessories for the Phantom 3 to take your drone photography and experiance to the next level? With the range of the Phantom 3 – from Standard through to pro level these must…

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phantom 4 advanced photo

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced – Now Released

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Now Available to Order DJI Phantom 4 Advanced is the new kid on the block – it’s new, it’s here it’s the Phantom 4 Advanced and it is available from DJI now here. Not even 6 months have passed since the Phantom 4 Pro. This perhaps will bring to an end the…

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DJI Care Refresh – is it worth a second look to insure your drone.

Is DJI Care worth a Refresh? Do you want peace of mind when flying your Phantom? Today we will take a look at DJI Care. We’ve always taken insurance on our drones to cover any accidental damage. We used a few different companies to offer insurance for our drones including photguard. We even tried household…

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Pre Flight Checklist – available on the Apple App Store

Pre Flight Checklist – available in the Apple App Store – have a safer drone flight, every flight. Our Pre Flight Checklist has been the number one go to Drone Pre Flight Checklist on the Google Playstore for a while now. It is now available on the Apple App Store. We have spent months developing…

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Fly Away Drone

6 Top Tips to Prevent Flyaways – how to stop drone flyaways

6 Top tips to help prevent drone flyaways The biggest feeling of dread for any Drone owner is thinking their drone is flying away never to be seen again. Hundreds and thousands of pounds of investement flying away right in front of you and nothing you can do about it…. but is there? Is there…

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