Is DJI Care worth a Refresh?

Do you want peace of mind when flying your Phantom? Today we will take a look at DJI Care. We’ve always taken insurance on our drones to cover any accidental damage. We used a few different companies to offer insurance for our drones including photguard. We even tried household “accidental damage” insurance, however generally in the UK home insurance does not cover drones.

Recently we’ve taken a look at DJI Care as an alternative option. It seems quite a good deal. From the basic package starting from around £125, you get up to £449 worth of coverage for a standard Phantom. This includes coverage for operator error or accidental damage. You can make unlimited claims, in some regions the postage to and from is covered up to the maximum amount of your coverage. With the fact that DJI cover the repairs to your drone under this package it seems like a pretty good deal.

Have you tried DJI Care? Find out more about it here and if you have used it please leave your feedback in the comments below.

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