Drone Preflight Checklist Pro – save your preflight data

Drone and UAV pilots pre flight checklists are essential for everyone’s safety. Both hobbyists and commercial operators are responsible for every drone flight they make and should follow the relevant rules and regulations including the drone code. How do you maintain your pre flight check lists, with all the relevant packing / pre and post flight safety data? The latest Pro version of our Pre Flight Checklist now enables you to save and print your pre flight check lists. Submit the date of the record, and check your packing list, pre flight list and your takeoff. Stay safe every time you fly.

Pre Flight Checklist Pro App Features and benefits:

Now available in the Google Playstore here: Pre Flight Checklist App the android app has lots of features and benefits to make this a simple task including:

  • Packing lists
  • Pre Flight Checklist – including date, time, and full checklist with safety checklist
  • Take off checklist
  • Post Flight checklist
  • Save all of the data to your Android Device
  • Print all of your data

Have you ever arrived ready to fly and realised you have forgotten your SD card, batteries or that essential cable? Our app features a packing list to check off reminding you of all the essential items you need to take with you. It even reminds your to charge your batteries!

The drone Pre Flight checklist then goes through everything preflight, from safety checks – including visual inspection of your drone and more.

Get the Pro Android App today here: Pre Flight Checklist App


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