Having recently read an article claiming to cover the must have apps for DJI Phantom pilots and found it really lacking, I decided to put together a short list of “must have” apps for your phantom – obviously excluding the DJI Go app!

unnamedUAV Forecast

This app / website is free to download and gives you a clear indication of the weather and general forecast for flying your drone. Lots of useful information including wind direction – make sure you go into settings and adjust the height to the height you roughly plan to be flying. Likelyhood of rain, cloud cover etc. You can also see the forecast for free for the next 24 hours or pay for an upgrade to see further ahead.

One word of caution from experience, sometimes the wind accuracy is a little off – so I usually use a anemometer to check (less than £20 from Amazon)

Get UAV Forecast for Android here
o to the Uav Forecast Website
Get UAV Forecast on Apple


This app is brilliant as a replacement to the DJI Go app. It brings lots of features to your DJI Phantom 2,3 and 4. You can set waypoint missions, point of interest, follow me, focus, panorama and a lot more. You can even plan a mission from your desktop computer here with Litchi Hub upload it, then download it to your app / phantom to carry out the mission autonomously. This is a must have app. The costs of the Litchi app is £19.99 but worth the investment.

Get Litchi for Android here

Get Litchi for Apple here

flightradarFlightradar 24

With both a free version and a more detailed paid version for £2.50 this is a useful app even if just to see where that plane overhead is going to. Using this app you can see flight paths of aircraft live, including altitude direction and even a pilots eye view from the plane – using Google earth.

Get Flightradar24 for Android
et Flightradar24 for Apple

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