Where to get copyright free music for your fantastic video with your DJI Phantom? You’ve got the best shots, pans, orbits, reveals… lighting was perfect and you have your masterpiece is edited. Something is missing though? Yes that perfect audio track to accompany your video. Before you just rip your favourite track from the charts, you need to make sure you either have a license or copyright free music for your video.

We use a couple of great resources to get audio tracks for our videos:

Audiojungle – Each month Audiojungle offers a free track of the month – go to their homepage and scroll down a little. Also their royalty free music covers everything you could need for a low cost – most less than $17.

Incompetech – Totally Free royalty free music, great resource, the only downfall might be that you will likely have heard the audio track on another video.

Bensound Free Royalty free music – we have not tested this resource out yet, but there seems to be a lot of great free options- you just need to credit the author.

Purple Planet – Another totally free Royalty Free music source for your videos – quite a wide selection

We will be adding more Royalty Free Music resources for your DJI Phantom Videos as we come across them.

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